Tree on the line near Sway causing delays for rail passengers

Tree on the line near Sway and signalling problem causing delays for rail passengers

Tree on the line near Sway and signalling problem causing delays for rail passengers

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A TREE on the line between New Milton and Sway is causing severe delays for those travelling between Bournemouth and Southampton.

Trains are also running at a reduced speed due to an earlier signal fault at Southampton and ongoing signal problem at Eastleigh.

Journey times may be extended by up to an hour.

Trains from London Waterloo to Poole at 39 minutes past the hour will terminate at Southampton Central.

Trains from Poole to London Waterloo at 50 minutes past the hour will start from Southampton Central.

Trains between Weymouth and London Waterloo will make additional stops between Poole and Southampton Central.

CrossCountry trains will be terminated and started back from Southampton Central. Passengers may use South West Trains services for onward travel to Bournemouth.

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10:00am Wed 15 Jan 14 sea poole says…

remind me again when the signalling problems certainly wasn't today...or even yesterday remind me again how much a season ticket costs to london on SWTs Remind me again why SWT has no wi-fi, yet Cross Country trains travelling over part of the same route do have wi-fi. Well done SWT and Network Rail- your arrogance is only exceeded by your incompetence

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1:45pm Wed 15 Jan 14 speedy231278 says…

Last Friday I missed my connection at Southampton due to a signalling issue at Christchurch. As it is, I get the train before the one strictly necessary in order to reduce the chance of that happening, but it was cancelled. Then it wasn't cancelled, so they delayed the next train top get everyone off who wanted to get that one. All the time this was going on, there were buses apparently, however this was only advertised on the TV screens inside the station, and during the period the Cross Country service was deemed cancelled, the main screens were advertising as being running, contradicting the advice from elsewhere. Then, on the way back on Saturday, there was a level crossing fault at St Denys, so my Southern service terminated abruptly at Fareham, and ironically the Weymouth train that was diverted via Havant was so late we got on that, otherwise it would have been a very long wait instead of about 15 mins! Shambles.

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7:48pm Wed 15 Jan 14 O'Reilly says…

Why, after reading the headline, does Reggie Perrin come to mind....?

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